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It is such a blessing to be able to “keep house.”

This statement has become such a stark reality to me as of recent.  There are many theological reasons to prove this to my mind, such as the fact that I cannot lay claim to our little apartment myself–it is the Lord’s; He has blessed us beyond imagination with a place for hubby and I to begin our marriage.  We will always remember this apartment as our first home.  He has blessed us with furnishings to make the place comfortable, and He has even so much as given me an inclination and ability to decorate to make it homey…  He has given me all these blessings, and it is my privilege that He allows me to be the one to care for and keep this house.

There’s also the consideration that He is a God of order, and it is both my joy and my duty to reflect Him in the order that is displayed in my home.

Et cetera…  Yes, yes – my mind is convinced, but what about my heart?  My actions?  In all earnestness, my heart does not always find delight in the nuances of housework (does anyone?).  But most recently, after being forbidden (by hubby) because of restrictions (due to my back) from doing almost all the housework, for the few moments I am able to do something little (reorganize a set of drawers, file or purge papers and junk), I have found so much joy in it.

While hubby and I pray for my regained health when I may resume more regular housework duties, I do praise Him for the little He has granted that I’m able to do.  (The question is: will I remember this when I have young children “under foot” and an entire house to keep?  Good question…)


Blink, blink.

It’s bright out here in the blogosphere!  I guess it would be as I finally emerge from the dark hole I’ve been burrowed into for the holidays.  (See Frog and Toad Are Still Friends for current holiday status–she knows of four times as many holidays than I knew existed!  Therefore, I feel justified to still call it “holidays.”)  And if I see my shadow, we can expect six more weeks of blogging.  I suppose one can only hope…

And now, where does one start?  How about where I left off.  The beginning of holiday season!  I was so excited for my first married Christmas: my own tree to decorate, my own home to make cozy and yuletide-y, new traditions to make with hubby.  The day before Thanksgiving, I begged hubby if we could get our tree.  He consented, and we got our sweet, little “Charlie Brown” tree from Target.  We got home and as I was bursting at the seams with excitment, I gave him a guilty look.  He knew what it meant.  I couldn’t stop myself.  I put our tree up…the day before Thanksgiving.  Only the late hour stopped the faux pas from getting out of hand–I donned it with ornaments after Thanksgiving.  It was lovely, decorated in Swedish straw and red ornaments with a strand of white lights.  I had Twila Paris’ Christmas CD blasting from the speakers whenever I could, and I scored big time with a 60% sale on Christmas decor at JoAnn’s.  Whenever I could sneak a peek on the blogosphere, I loved seeing everyone’s Christmas posts, pictures, stories.

I know Christmas posts are passe now; we’re moving on.

The beginning of the year brought with it–among many other sundry items that so easily overtake schedules–hubby’s new semester, my birthday, an attempt at physical therapy for my back (great massages with no lasting effect), a trip to Las Vegas to meet up with my sister- and brother-in-law visiting from Nanaimo.

And Valentine’s Day.  The first day of a week and a half being bed-ridden due to my back completely giving out.  Not what I’d consider romantic, unless you consider the literary connotation of the word (I did feel, on occasion, I should be part of a BBC mini-series set in the British Regency or Victorian eras as the bed-ridden invalid confined to perfecting the fine art of crocheting…granny squares?).  Tomorrow will be the final day of my first full week back at work.

While it seems Christmas has been only a few weeks past, it also feels like we are quite on the other end of the year so much has been packed into those few weeks.  I do beg your pardon for such a dreary and whirlwind summary of our “holiday season,” but now we may move forward and…

Is that a shadow I see?

For the past four or five years, I’ve had off-and-on upper back and neck pain that would be incapacitating.  The only relief would be to go to the chiropractor and get the bones between my shoulder blades cracked back into place.

Recently, this has become a more frequent and debilitating dilemma.  Upon arriving at the end of our rope, hubby and I set our faces toward tenaciously seeking out a solution.  Quite providentially (it’s like God is sovereign or something…!), we found a doctor’s office that really worked to find the root of the problem.

Apparently it wasn’t my upper back that was causing the upper back pain.  (This is the cool part!)  It all started way down at my sacrum (the bone right above the tailbone).  It is sitting tilted, affecting the whole of my spine which rests on this “foundation” bone.  Because your body will adjust in any way for your eyes to remain level with the horizon, and because the bottom of my spine is sitting cock-eyed (not unlike my MacArthur lampshade), my spine has “compensated” all the way up to keep my peepers parallel with the ground.  Since the lower back is far less mobile than the upper back, thus giving the upper back more “tweak room,” that is where I felt it the most.  I have included visuals.

This was taken a couple weeks ago, so hopefully I’m looking a little better after several treatments!  But, isn’t this so interesting?!  Ack, I’m such a homeschool kid.  You should have seen me at the doctor’s when she was showing me the xray and explaining all this.  “Wow…that really stinks that this is happening to me…but the body is so COOL!”  I guess I’ll never stop enjoying learning.