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Well, I came home from getting some gas for the car and my darling wife was making something in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.  She was dividing up a bag of flour into ice cream tubs and putting supper together all at once, and when I came in she held up one of her bare feet in the air, pointing it in my direction…

In confusion, I said “Uh, what’s going on Sweetie?”

She proudly announced that she was “barefoot and in the kitchen”, and that was “one down and one to go!”

I laughed and laughed and laughed when she called herself “such a feminist” that I had to blog it.

Gender nondescript persons alive!  It’s the 21st century: Finally, women can be liberated to love being feminine and not be expected to have to learn a blue collar trade and financially provide for their family.  Maybe one day, my oppressed brothers and I will be able to throw off the shackles of this Estrotalitarianist culture, burn our jock straps, buy things on a basis other than “cuteness”, talk without “expressing ourselves” and not have to worry about being sued for trying to raise our kids with a shred of discipline…

The tides are turning, and maybe one day, we’ll see change…





Introducing the other half of this singularly sided blog (until NOW),


Yeah!  I’m here, live and in the…uh…blog?

Well, enough with said stupidity.  Now for completely NEW stupidity!  Now I’m sure that some of you out there are hoping for something deep or theological or…uh…remotely, intelligent.


Not tonight.  I just got home from work, am tired, and have been talking to my wifey-sauce about her night and telling her about my night (NASTY!  Church custodial work can sometime be *shiver* …gank…nuff said).  As we were talking, she was telling me about her poetry post.  This “inspired” me to write a short, off the cuff limmerick about how bad I am at writing limericks.  She laughed and laughed and laughed and told me I “HAD to blog it”.

Which leads me to the now.  And the here.  And the now.

Here’s my run for the 2009 Pullitzer prize in “I dun hab gud skullz wid Englitch”:

There once was a girl who got Panera,

There was too many syllables in that line.

Doh! The second line didn’t rhyme,

DOH! Neither did the third!

Oh MAN!  I stink at writing poetry!

Please hold the applause.  Yes, I wrote that all by myself.  The Hibby & Hubby family hold the corner market on poetry writing.  HUZZAH!

Enjoy my masterpiece,