First, what’s in a name?

Why “hibby”?  (I’ll assume you’ll catch on to the “hubby” part.)

Hibby is a variation on my maiden name, and when I was single, living in Minneapolis, some sweet friends nicknamed me such.  And while I have since moved to Los Angeles, and now Canada, and thus away from those who knew me as hibby, it is a fond name.  Also, I’m an English geek, and I love alliteration.

As mentioned, I lived in Minnesota for the majority of my life.  I am terribly Swedish, and I miss all the lakes!  In 2007, my now-hubby drew me to Los Angeles, where he was in seminary obtaining his MDiv.

In May 2010, he graduated and a month later, we moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, where we are currently in church-search mode.  A very exciting time!

This internet place is a gathering of very eclectic reflections, stories, and up-dates.  And while I’m not here, I’m most likely dreaming and crafting with fine bone china for my cake stand and display pedestal shop.