Heavily, our eyelids droop closed.  The chilly room is quiet and dark.  Warm blankets are pulled up and close.

And then.

Then he remembers we forgot.

Should I admit it?  Once room is darkened, I’d accept our nightly routine to deviate just this one time.  But my strong shepherd-husband rolls over and clicks his lamp on.  Faithful.

Pupils, dilated by dark, suddenly trying to adjust to the light.

He reaches over for my hand, and we pray.  We pray for our families; we pray for friends that have rejected the Lord they once “knew;” we pray for our friends that are family in Christ.  We pray for the eyes of our hearts, that they adjust to the Light, to be able to see Truth.  We pray that we would understand with our minds and obey with our hearts.

He then reaches for the Word and reads to me.  Usually, we make our way through Proverbs, but tonight we “taste that the Lord is good” in 1 Peter.  After reading, we pray the passage.  That we would learn and apply the truths that we just read.

Even more heavily now, our eyelids droop closed.  The chilly room is quiet and dark yet again.  Warm blankets are pulled up and close.  And we fall asleep with God’s Words in our minds.

I am thankful for a hubby that is faithful.

While it is a command from God — and I am to do it regardless of how I feel — the Lord graciously gave me a husband that I eagerly respect.  One I find that I happily submit to his leading.

Especially when it means turning the light back on.