Well, wasn’t that a lovely little holiday sabbatical?!  All the holiday posts–on everyone else’s blog–were so sweet and festive.  One of these years, I’ll stay on the bucking bronco of blogging holiday festivities.  In the meantime, I experienced mental anguish, wondering in what fashion I’d return to my dear blog.  Since I’ve had my share of blog-breaks, I’ve had my share of come-backs.  (If you click over to the Suspense Story of one of my returns to the Blogdom, don’t miss the Epilogue in the comments!  The comments are the best part of the whole thing…)  However, this time, a friend suggested to just ignore the static and jump in.

So, without acknowledging my prolonged absence, I’ll just start up blogging again!

And, go!

……….(blink, blink)…………

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, GO!


Go now!


…What was I going to say again?  (You don’t know, ‘cuz I haven’t told you yet, right?)

Um, I’m back.  Maybe?  Possibly?  Potentially?  I instill so much hope in my readers reader (hi Mom!  Mom?  Do you still read this?).