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Pass the Buckleys, please.

We’re down for the count.  Both Hubby and I are ill.  I feel yucky, like I was squeezed out of a Play-Doh shaper.  That’s quite the word-picture, isn’t it?

All of this comes at a most inconvenient time.  We’re moving.  Our home needs to be packed up and moved out within a week.  Wow.  Overwhelming.

I think the combination of a pressing deadline, Kleenex fumes, and lack of sleep make for an incoherent concoction.  I have many thoughts swirling around, but none of them make too much sense right now.

Right now, if my brain dumped everything into Wordle, “sleep” would be the biggest word off of which everything else was hanging.


It’s been raining here a lot lately.  So, on my way home from work, I snapped a picture that I though would be a great addition to my “That’s so LA” collection.  Because it’s so LA!

Well, it is.  And it isn’t.

It really isn’t so LA, because 1) we’re in a valley in a desert.  Umbrellas don’t get the workout they deserve down here, so the rushing water doesn’t generally conjure up thoughts of palm trees and arid climes.  2) The beauty of the picture portrays a nature-y, natural setting.  According to my observation, nothing is terribly natural down here.

We have a lot of these…

(Heh, heh.  Clever, right?)

Which I suppose leads us easily to the argument of why the picture to come is so LA.  Because even when this poor, smog-oppressed city does try to flaunt it’s natural beauty, there is graffiti.  On the rock.  Which was along the windy road of a mountain.  Completely marring what could have been a sweet little oasis of beauty and calm.


Perhaps because there was a legitimate reason for the disarray, I was able to bring the camera to my one un-squinted eye and capture the chaos (and even chaos that didn’t have an excuse)…  Inspired by the occasionally-read Holy Experience blog, I wanted to look at the ugly around our house and, as Ann says “[examine] the weave, the texture, the shadows” noticing “it too is beautiful.”

It turned out to be a really fun project.  And I started to wonder if I didn’t want more than a point-and-shoot after all.

(Hubby?……..  I changed my mind.  I can do sewing and photography, right?  Insert sheepish smile with big, innocent puppy eyes.)

Our “pantry” for all to see, in all its visually-busy glory overlooking the living room…

blessings from our Father, that – even in our financial “student-status” straights – our pantry has overflow

Christmas decorations, still waiting on the sidelines to be put on the tree, even yet…

on the tree or off, Swedish decorations – sacrificially bought by Hubby – remind me of homeand husand’s love

Wrinkled sheets, straight out of the linen closet (which were perhaps not folded immediately after being dried)…

how inviting – smells fresh and feels rumpled AND crisp

Stacks of books, covering every available surface in our living room…

a row of bookshelves that went to grace another home!


These “ugly” scenes from around my house have their own shimmer of beauty.  It took a closer look to find it.  But I liked looking for it.

Anyone else?  Where have you seen lovely in the unlovely?

Doesn’t this pod look positively crunchable?!

image from C r u s a d e r

While walking to church yesterday, these pods were scattered all over the sidewalk.  Mmm, I loved smooshing every. single. one. under the heel of my boot.  Thankfully, we had arrived  a tad early, so we had the minute and a half to spare for my dawdling.

After teaching Sunday school, on our way back to our car, Hubby stopped abruptly.  He indicated towards the ground.  Separated from the rest of the bunch, a lone pod was pristine in its deliciously spiky crispness.

He had paused, purposefully, to point out and let me have the joy of crunching that one pod under foot.  A small gesture, but thoroughly endearing.  Swoon

Well, wasn’t that a lovely little holiday sabbatical?!  All the holiday posts–on everyone else’s blog–were so sweet and festive.  One of these years, I’ll stay on the bucking bronco of blogging holiday festivities.  In the meantime, I experienced mental anguish, wondering in what fashion I’d return to my dear blog.  Since I’ve had my share of blog-breaks, I’ve had my share of come-backs.  (If you click over to the Suspense Story of one of my returns to the Blogdom, don’t miss the Epilogue in the comments!  The comments are the best part of the whole thing…)  However, this time, a friend suggested to just ignore the static and jump in.

So, without acknowledging my prolonged absence, I’ll just start up blogging again!

And, go!

……….(blink, blink)…………

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, GO!


Go now!


…What was I going to say again?  (You don’t know, ‘cuz I haven’t told you yet, right?)

Um, I’m back.  Maybe?  Possibly?  Potentially?  I instill so much hope in my readers reader (hi Mom!  Mom?  Do you still read this?).