Boy, is MY face red!

While it may not seem like anything short of insignificant, living through the dreadful hair-span of a moment was oh-so embarrassing.  Working in a Jewish High School, throughout the year, we have many semi-long-term visitors from Israel that set up camp with us.  Currently, we have a visitor—we’ll call him Uri—from Tel Aviv.  Late this afternoon, he was back in our very-tight, barely-room-to-breathe faculty room.  Not that I knew this when a caller came looking for one of our teachers.  I had to walk back through the faculty room to let this teacher know.  As I was shuffling myself sideways down the cramped row of teacher’s desks—and as I was inhaling as I was passing a standing Uri—my touchus got hung up squarely on his own.  Both aware of the situation, but not afforded much maneuvering room, there we stood for a good breath and a half with our bums caught on the other.  I mumbled a “pardon me” as I was finally able to un-stuck myself and continued shuffling down the room.  Doesn’t sound like much, but – AWK-ward!

Moving on, I am thrilled to officially state that as of last Saturday, I am a student again.  I have returned to school to finish up my Bachelor’s degree.  I am attending The Master’s College to obtain my BA in Biblical Counseling.  Oh, happy delight!  But with this excitement comes a load of homework that my schedule must adjust to support.  I’m not used to structured learning anymore!  Now, I’m not gonna lie; I’m a little excited about all the homework as well.  (coughgeekcough)  And while my blog writing has been infrequent and sporadic at best, I still love writing here when I do.  And because I secretly wish I had the organization and consistency to follow in the footsteps of those bloggers that have “theme days” to their writing – from Not Me Mondays to Works for Me Wednesdays to Flashback Fridays and all the ones in between – I’m going to have my own: Writing Wednesday.  With all the work that I now have to stay on top of for school, it doesn’t afford me much free time to happen upon a post (as I have hitherto now).  So I’ll try to structure my writing (I’m going to have so much structure in my life!) to write once every week.  On Wednesday.  We’ll see how that turns out.

Oh, and Minnesota Mom:  my Swedish blood is burning with desire to make a little LEFSE!