When it comes to housekeeping, do you have a firmly set routine or do you just do what needs to be done?  Do you have Monday Washing and Tuesday Ironing or do you tackle things as needed?  I’m wondering this because I was just thinking about a website I came across several years ago (that I vowed to remember when I had my own home–and I did remember it–haHA, take that, Forgetfulness!).

This website–FlyLady–instructs you with a very regular schedule of doing housework, as well as little tips to conquer the beast of clutter (or, I believe, she says CHAOS: Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome).  Has anyone heard of or tried FlyLady’s routine?  It looks interesting, doable, encouraging…except for the part where you have to shine your sink every night.  Ugh!  It’s the first baby step; that, and a pair of shoes.  That is to say, you don’t shine your shoes.  You put them on; you wear them: typical shoe-function.

It’s a very organized and structured plan (I love structure!), so I may try the little baby steps.  Hm, we’ll see on that front.

Now that we have that established, this post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of one supa’fly Rabbi.

Rabbi:  “My wife made me this.  I just wanted a cool vest.”

*crickets chirping*

Rabbi:  “…depending on your definition of cool.”

He is the one man that could pull off that look.  And he does it smashingly, don’t you think?