Is there anything more exciting than being tagged?  It’s my second time, I believe.  I feel like a real boy blogger, pardon the Pinocchio moment.  Jamie over at Ohbecareful! tagged me to complete a “six” meme (I still don’t know what that word means…am I the only one?), thankfully giving me a way to quickly throw a post up.  (Is that cheating?)

Things around our house have been a little hectic lately.  Hubby, being in both Greek and Hebrew Exegesis this semester, is pulling his hair out over the technicalities of those two dead languages.  My family is coming to visit next week from the Great State of Minnesota, so cleaning and continuing my “homemaking” has been a priority.  And if that wasn’t enough, stay tuned on news of me going back to school!  Pens, and notebooks, and folders!  Oh my!

Now, as far as this meme goes, Jamie “took” all my answers, so go read hers for what would be my serious one.  In an effort to be original, I’ll give honest, if not first-choice, answers.  (Is that cheating?)

Six Things I Value

  • Floss
  • Smooth roads (how I miss them!)
  • New, empty, expectant journals (I’m only slightly obsessed)
  • School supplies
  • Scripture verse memory flashcards

Six Things I Don’t Support

  • Temperatures in the high-90s in mid-October in SoCal (high temperatures in Autumn bear repeating…plus I’m suffering more than Jamie, heh)
  • Traffic (two words: Los Angeles.  It can be 1:00 in the morning and if there’s an accident, you know you’ll be in stop-and-go.)
  • Too much to do
  • Thick smog
  • Temperatures in the high-90s in–oh, did I mention this one already?  (I know this is cheating!)

As a side note, you know you’re a (going-to-be) pastor’s wife when you alliterate a list.

Six People I Tag

I only wish there were six people who read this blog…  I suppose if you stumble across this (and weren’t already tagged by Jamie), please feel free to join in on the fray!