During those (…rare…ahem) difficult moments (days?) of married life, I’ve found every insignificant addition to why I love Hubby vaporizes from my mind.  I forget his sweetness to me.  I am mindless of the abundant grace of God shown me through him.  These are not insignificant.  This morning, I awoke with thoughts running through my mind of all the little things he does for me, for which I want to be particularly thankful.  It’s such an effort–when the “big” things aren’t going the way I meticulously planned–to not take for granted Hubby’s considerate caring.

Self, take note.  Remember…

  • Hubby wakes up with me (oh so early in the morning).  Just so he can put the coffee on.  Just so I can go to work with a full traveler’s mug of joe.  He doesn’t even drink coffee himself.
  • He loves to buy me different flavors of coffee creamers.  Currently, my favorites are Coffee-Mate French Vanilla and International Delight Italian Sweet Cream.  And yes, I am Swedish.  And yes, it is a pride thing to drink my coffee black, but sometimes I just want a little fun in my java.  Don’t judge me.

(Please note:  I’m quite tired today, so my points are considerably coffee-centered.  But wait; there’s more!)

  • During this whole mess with my back, he has been so protective and has taken such good care of me.  He comes and strokes my arm at the scary doctor’s office.  He reminds me to do my stretches.  He gives me back rubs…
  • He gives me back rubs.

These may seem silly, but I’m thankful to God for my loving husband.  I’ll leave to Him the “big” things, while I praise Him for these Little Things.