My Fabulous Sisters are taking a French class at college and recently told me that the French sure know how to address their in-laws.  Directly translated, they call them “beautiful {insert relation here}.”  So instead of MIL, I would like to refer to my mother-in-law as Beautiful Mother.  Now, the word mother in French, directly translated, is…um…mother.  And because I would like to refer–with far more aplomb than the word mother can afford–to the woman who brought me forth into the world, I think I’ll call her Svenska Mama (what aplomb!).

All that to say, Beautiful Mother’s birthday was yesterday, and Svenska Mama’s birthday is today.  I am so grateful for these two wonderful women in my life.  I wish I could give both of them big birthday hugs, but as I can’t, I picked these flowers for them myself.  The British Columbia provincial flower, Pacific Dogwood, for Beautiful Mother.  And the Minnesota state flower, Lady Slipper, for Svenska Mama.  I love you and happy birthday, you two.