Just kidding.  I don’t know enough about horoscopes to even know if that was a funny joke or not.  Probably not.

It does seem to be a good sign, however, that I have “blog brain” back.  Is this a common phenomenon, or am I ‘fessing up to something only crazy people do?  Back when I blogged over here, I developed what I’d call blog brain.  It’s when, instead of having a normal thought process like most people, I would go through my day with a running, narrative-style thought bubble above my head—developing, editing, percolating bloggable ideas.  I’d think in blog; I’d experience life in blog (“oo, this’ll make a great story; I can see it already!”).  Since dropping out of the blogosphere, I promptly lost the narration, as one would see it through the pages of a blog, of my life.

Now that I’ve picked up blogging again (and have been encouraged to continue), it seems my thoughts have taken on a particular narrating tone yet again (still working on the stuffy British man’s voice though).  While it’s yet to be seen if it’s here to stay, it does appear that deep down I’m still a blogger.

…See you again soon, WordPress…