For the past four or five years, I’ve had off-and-on upper back and neck pain that would be incapacitating.  The only relief would be to go to the chiropractor and get the bones between my shoulder blades cracked back into place.

Recently, this has become a more frequent and debilitating dilemma.  Upon arriving at the end of our rope, hubby and I set our faces toward tenaciously seeking out a solution.  Quite providentially (it’s like God is sovereign or something…!), we found a doctor’s office that really worked to find the root of the problem.

Apparently it wasn’t my upper back that was causing the upper back pain.  (This is the cool part!)  It all started way down at my sacrum (the bone right above the tailbone).  It is sitting tilted, affecting the whole of my spine which rests on this “foundation” bone.  Because your body will adjust in any way for your eyes to remain level with the horizon, and because the bottom of my spine is sitting cock-eyed (not unlike my MacArthur lampshade), my spine has “compensated” all the way up to keep my peepers parallel with the ground.  Since the lower back is far less mobile than the upper back, thus giving the upper back more “tweak room,” that is where I felt it the most.  I have included visuals.

This was taken a couple weeks ago, so hopefully I’m looking a little better after several treatments!  But, isn’t this so interesting?!  Ack, I’m such a homeschool kid.  You should have seen me at the doctor’s when she was showing me the xray and explaining all this.  “Wow…that really stinks that this is happening to me…but the body is so COOL!”  I guess I’ll never stop enjoying learning.