As promised to many in Minnesota, here are some pictures of our little “marriage home” here in California.  The quality on these pictures are awful because I didn’t take them with a camera (I know, who am I, and what have I done with me?!); they’re from my camera phone.

Pictured here is our kitchen table, complete with an assortment of “contemporary church” chairs.  Note the pew Bible in the back of the red one.

Through the window in the wall is the front entry.

Upon entering through said front entry, the first thing you’d see is our library.  We don’t leave any question in your mind that you’ve just entered a seminary student’s home.







On the other side of our library, you’ll find the living room.  Most of our  big pieces of furniture, we received from the receptionist at The Master’s College.  What a blessing to get those sets (a newly married couple with matching furnishings?  When does that happen?)!  Not pictured in this post, we also got our matching bedroom set as well.  She even threw in the refrigerator for free!  Praise the Lord!



This is a close up of our coffee table.  And the lamp in the background?  Yes, the one with shade askew (in my defense, I believe it’s actually warped…not just sitting there cock-eyed).  It came from Pastor John MacArthur’s office.  It’s been touched.  Insert reverent choral vocals here.  Please note: I’m definitely kidding.  Everyone knows you insert moving string instrumentals.



And we’re back to the kitchen.  I had to include one of my favorite little spots.  It’s my coffee and tea bar.  The first big drawer holds many wonderous teas, coffee grounds, and accessories.

My first stop in the morning.

Thus concludes Part One of the House Tour.  Look forward to coming House Tour posts including pictures of our infamous “Pe(e)king Duck,” the different flags hanging around our house, and the afore mentioned matching bedroom set, among others!