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During those (…rare…ahem) difficult moments (days?) of married life, I’ve found every insignificant addition to why I love Hubby vaporizes from my mind.  I forget his sweetness to me.  I am mindless of the abundant grace of God shown me through him.  These are not insignificant.  This morning, I awoke with thoughts running through my mind of all the little things he does for me, for which I want to be particularly thankful.  It’s such an effort–when the “big” things aren’t going the way I meticulously planned–to not take for granted Hubby’s considerate caring.

Self, take note.  Remember…

  • Hubby wakes up with me (oh so early in the morning).  Just so he can put the coffee on.  Just so I can go to work with a full traveler’s mug of joe.  He doesn’t even drink coffee himself.
  • He loves to buy me different flavors of coffee creamers.  Currently, my favorites are Coffee-Mate French Vanilla and International Delight Italian Sweet Cream.  And yes, I am Swedish.  And yes, it is a pride thing to drink my coffee black, but sometimes I just want a little fun in my java.  Don’t judge me.

(Please note:  I’m quite tired today, so my points are considerably coffee-centered.  But wait; there’s more!)

  • During this whole mess with my back, he has been so protective and has taken such good care of me.  He comes and strokes my arm at the scary doctor’s office.  He reminds me to do my stretches.  He gives me back rubs…
  • He gives me back rubs.

These may seem silly, but I’m thankful to God for my loving husband.  I’ll leave to Him the “big” things, while I praise Him for these Little Things.


My Fabulous Sisters are taking a French class at college and recently told me that the French sure know how to address their in-laws.  Directly translated, they call them “beautiful {insert relation here}.”  So instead of MIL, I would like to refer to my mother-in-law as Beautiful Mother.  Now, the word mother in French, directly translated, is…um…mother.  And because I would like to refer–with far more aplomb than the word mother can afford–to the woman who brought me forth into the world, I think I’ll call her Svenska Mama (what aplomb!).

All that to say, Beautiful Mother’s birthday was yesterday, and Svenska Mama’s birthday is today.  I am so grateful for these two wonderful women in my life.  I wish I could give both of them big birthday hugs, but as I can’t, I picked these flowers for them myself.  The British Columbia provincial flower, Pacific Dogwood, for Beautiful Mother.  And the Minnesota state flower, Lady Slipper, for Svenska Mama.  I love you and happy birthday, you two.

Hold the jam.

On Saturday, while Lyndon and I were rocking out at a concert, we practiced our clapping routine. 

We are so metal.


Just kidding.  I don’t know enough about horoscopes to even know if that was a funny joke or not.  Probably not.

It does seem to be a good sign, however, that I have “blog brain” back.  Is this a common phenomenon, or am I ‘fessing up to something only crazy people do?  Back when I blogged over here, I developed what I’d call blog brain.  It’s when, instead of having a normal thought process like most people, I would go through my day with a running, narrative-style thought bubble above my head—developing, editing, percolating bloggable ideas.  I’d think in blog; I’d experience life in blog (“oo, this’ll make a great story; I can see it already!”).  Since dropping out of the blogosphere, I promptly lost the narration, as one would see it through the pages of a blog, of my life.

Now that I’ve picked up blogging again (and have been encouraged to continue), it seems my thoughts have taken on a particular narrating tone yet again (still working on the stuffy British man’s voice though).  While it’s yet to be seen if it’s here to stay, it does appear that deep down I’m still a blogger.

…See you again soon, WordPress…

For the past four or five years, I’ve had off-and-on upper back and neck pain that would be incapacitating.  The only relief would be to go to the chiropractor and get the bones between my shoulder blades cracked back into place.

Recently, this has become a more frequent and debilitating dilemma.  Upon arriving at the end of our rope, hubby and I set our faces toward tenaciously seeking out a solution.  Quite providentially (it’s like God is sovereign or something…!), we found a doctor’s office that really worked to find the root of the problem.

Apparently it wasn’t my upper back that was causing the upper back pain.  (This is the cool part!)  It all started way down at my sacrum (the bone right above the tailbone).  It is sitting tilted, affecting the whole of my spine which rests on this “foundation” bone.  Because your body will adjust in any way for your eyes to remain level with the horizon, and because the bottom of my spine is sitting cock-eyed (not unlike my MacArthur lampshade), my spine has “compensated” all the way up to keep my peepers parallel with the ground.  Since the lower back is far less mobile than the upper back, thus giving the upper back more “tweak room,” that is where I felt it the most.  I have included visuals.

This was taken a couple weeks ago, so hopefully I’m looking a little better after several treatments!  But, isn’t this so interesting?!  Ack, I’m such a homeschool kid.  You should have seen me at the doctor’s when she was showing me the xray and explaining all this.  “Wow…that really stinks that this is happening to me…but the body is so COOL!”  I guess I’ll never stop enjoying learning.

As promised to many in Minnesota, here are some pictures of our little “marriage home” here in California.  The quality on these pictures are awful because I didn’t take them with a camera (I know, who am I, and what have I done with me?!); they’re from my camera phone.

Pictured here is our kitchen table, complete with an assortment of “contemporary church” chairs.  Note the pew Bible in the back of the red one.

Through the window in the wall is the front entry.

Upon entering through said front entry, the first thing you’d see is our library.  We don’t leave any question in your mind that you’ve just entered a seminary student’s home.







On the other side of our library, you’ll find the living room.  Most of our  big pieces of furniture, we received from the receptionist at The Master’s College.  What a blessing to get those sets (a newly married couple with matching furnishings?  When does that happen?)!  Not pictured in this post, we also got our matching bedroom set as well.  She even threw in the refrigerator for free!  Praise the Lord!



This is a close up of our coffee table.  And the lamp in the background?  Yes, the one with shade askew (in my defense, I believe it’s actually warped…not just sitting there cock-eyed).  It came from Pastor John MacArthur’s office.  It’s been touched.  Insert reverent choral vocals here.  Please note: I’m definitely kidding.  Everyone knows you insert moving string instrumentals.



And we’re back to the kitchen.  I had to include one of my favorite little spots.  It’s my coffee and tea bar.  The first big drawer holds many wonderous teas, coffee grounds, and accessories.

My first stop in the morning.

Thus concludes Part One of the House Tour.  Look forward to coming House Tour posts including pictures of our infamous “Pe(e)king Duck,” the different flags hanging around our house, and the afore mentioned matching bedroom set, among others!